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Creating Memorable Sensual Massage Experience!

4PlaySpa is a renowned, licensed studio providing sensual massage services in a classy and professional setting. We have been delivering sensual massage services to individuals looking for relaxation and enjoyment. The studio is fully licensed. At 4PlaySpa, we provide various sensual massage choices crafted to take you to a heightened state of arousal and leave you completely content. Our skilled and lovely team is extensively trained in the art of sensual massage, ensuring each client enjoys the finest service available. 4PlaySpa is providing the service for years now, and is renowned for all the right reasons. As an industry leader, we've set high standards for massage and body rub parlours, and we continue to uphold these standards today in terms of customer service, quality, and cleanliness. While we welcome new customers daily, we also cherish our returning customers and regulars, established over the years. 4PlaySpa not only boasts the best attendants in the area but also maintains a dedicated administrative and promotional staff. They keep you informed through our social media channels, ensuring you stay updated on current happenings and exciting promotions in the future.


We aim to offer our customers a memorable sensual massage experience in a sophisticated and professional setting. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch service, ensuring every client feels at ease, secure, and content.


4PlaySpa stands out as an industry leader in various aspects. We've been recognized across Ontario for our top-notch customer service, exceptional cleanliness, and having the most sought-after attendants in the region. Our spa is spotless, and in response to the "New Normal" guidelines, we've brought in cleaning experts to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect rooms and surfaces after every single session.



Our authorized spa in Mississauga, Ontario, presents opulent and private sensual massage services to invigorate and revitalize your senses. Our committed management team and lovely attendants collaborate to ensure your experience is truly unforgettable.

4PlaySpa Unique Features

  • Fully authorized
  • Schedule your visit by reserving your spot up to 10 days in advance
  • Regularly updated timetable
  • Conveniently situated near major highways, just a 10-minute drive from Toronto International Airport
  • Secure, discreet location with abundant free parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accept VISA, MC, AMEX & DEBIT for door fee payment

Treatment Room Highlights

  • Relaxing music with volume controls
  • Wide, comfy massage tables
  • Comfortable pillows for better support
  • Big mirrors on the walls
  • Modern, glass-enclosed spacious showers
  • Dimmer switches for creating the right ambience
  • Mint available on your pillow
  • Selection of grooming products for men
  • Experience unrushed service for your comfort